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Berwick in bloom

4th Berwick Guides Dig In!

When the 4th Berwick Guides were planning activities for the summer term, they mentioned that they felt that they could do more for the local community.

As the group meets in Spittal, leader Gillian Ridley, contacted the Spittal Improvement Trust and met with representatives of the Trust to see what the girls could do to help locally.  The Trust suggested they could help the local church, who had a large, well laid out flower garden, which had become rather overgrown.

Spittal had been entered into the Berwick In Bloom competition and they hoped that the church, on the main street, would be one of the highlights.

The small team of gardeners were looking for extra help so the guides did not hesitate in providing some true ‘girl power’. 11 Guides and 2 leaders started gardening at the beginning of July.

The Guides enjoyed clearing the weeds and tidying the edges and filling trugs many times over. With such thirsty work, the church provided drinks and biscuits to keep them all going.

The difference the girls made in a short time was amazing and appreciated by all. The church have kindly offered an area of the garden to the Guides, to use during their summer meetings.

We are looking forward to hearing the results of the Berwick In Bloom competition and the girls look forward to continuing their involvement in community activities in the area. 

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